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Forest Degradation Creates Prolonged Conflict

WARSI's Outlook made against the regime supported deforestation

Sumatera island has lost more than 9 million ha of its forests within last 25 years. In 1990, Sumatera had more than 20 million ha forest cover, yet, it remains only 11 million ha left in 2015, in other words, it has lost around 44% of the total forests. If this happens continuously and there is no real action to stop this forest deforestation and degradation, then we will have no more forests in Sumatera within next 25 years.

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Village Forest Management Right Given to Mahakam Ulu


Sri Sulasmi, Head of Sub-directorate of Social Forestry of MoEF bestowed the official decree of Village Forest Management Right (HPHD) to Bonifacius Belawan Geh, the regent of Mahakam Ulu in Regional Planning Agency (Bappeda)’s meeting room, Ujoh Bilang, Mahakam Ulu.

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When Public Figures Take Part

Sun raises brightly when Astrid, an Indonesian famous artist, and her groups set their foot on Nagari Sungai Buluh, Batang Anai, Padang Pariaman district. Astrid, also known as a cute artist whose single album is “jadikan aku yang kedua” visit this nagari -40 minutes away from Minangkabau International Airport- on purpose. Basically, she and her “Hutan Itu Indonesia” team through Musika Forestra Program take a shoot in this Nagari Forest to encourage young generations to love the forests.

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Indonesia’s second largest palm oil producer fails to deliver on its sustainability policy

NGOs deem Astra Agro Lestari’s implementation of sustainability policy far too slow; question the company’s intentions to fully adhere to its commitments

Astra Agro Lestari, Indonesia’s second largest palm oil company, has failed to address several key gaps in implementing its sustainability policy that were identified in an assessment by several Indonesian and international NGOs last September. The NGOs—Rainforest Foundation Norway, Mighty, KKI Warsi, Yayasan Merah Putih Palu (YMP), and SumOfUs—sent Astra a letter last Thursday asking for a swift response to these gaps and other critical remaining questions.

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Bungo Initiates “Dusun Online Program” to Support Green District


Muara Bungo – the Government of Bungo District collaborates with KKI – Warsi to organize a concept of Green District. This concept will not only focus on city but also district and village (hamlets) level. Hence, WARSI and the government of Bungo held a Public Consultation on Village’s “Dusun Online” Information System to support this concept in Amaris Hotel, Muaro Bungo district (28/2).

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