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WARSI Supports the Moratorium on Oil Palm Plantations

The Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI enthusiastically welcomed the presidential decree no. 8/2018 on Procrastination and Evaluation of License and Productivity Improvement of Palm Plantation. The director of KKI WARSI, Rudi Syaf stated that the decree is as an opportunity as well as momentum to improve the management and conflict resolution between locals and companies. Most of oil palm plantation area in Jambi Province once was the forest which has already been converted. Yet, the deliverance of this area did not take the marginal tribes (SAM) living within into account.

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Make Ramadhan a momentum leading to Environmentally-friendly commitment

God creates the universe and specifies the human being as the caliph in the world. No wonder they have big role and responsibility to utilize and manage the nature and its environment. God stated in Al-Qur’an in Surah Al Qoshash Verse – 77, Surah Arruum Verses 41 and 42 and Surah Al A’raf Verses 56, 57 and 58 that Earth is the place of every creature, unfortunately, there are several irresponsible “hands” that devastated it as the result of their greed and raised any decay in sea and land. Ustadz (literally Islamic chaplain) Dairun, Sag, M.Pd.I stated the line above during the iftar or breaking the fast in Ramadhan held by KKI WARSI, June 7th 2018.

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Illegal Mining in Customary Forest

Hundreds people of Desa Baru, Pangkalan Jambu, Merangin District burst their anger to illegal gold mining activities within their customary forest. They set fires to all equipment found in their customary forest on February 8th, 2018. According to them, this illegal gold mining activity has been warned for times to stop running, yet, it results nothing. It kept carrying out within their area, the customary forests. Thus, this triggers their anger and fire all the equipment they find placed within their forests

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