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7 zones strengthen TNBD as a home for the Orang Rimba

The appointment of Bukit Duabelas National Park was obviously made for the Orang Rimba, a group whose livelihood is attached to the forest. WARSI advocated the Bukit Dua Belas National Park to protect the livelihood of the Orang Rimba which has been threatened by massive conservation in 90s as most of Bukit Duabelas National Park is converted into palm plantation, industrial timber plantation and transmigrant area.

In 2000, the government as the most powerful party over the forest management agreed to take the license given to PT Inhutani V – the company in charge of managing the plantation. Advocacy conducted by WARSI with the support of multi parties in Jambi Province can reassure the central government to take the license of plantation and made it a living space for the Orang Rimba called Bukit Duabelas National Park.

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The MoEF agrees upon the development for the Orang Rimba in National Park

Bukit Duabelas National Park (TNBD) was basically aimed to protect the livelihood of the Orang Rimba – the indigenous tribe of Jambi Province. Although tug and war was occurred during a decision regarding zoning system classification as one requirement of national park management, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) started to accommodate the needs of the Orang Rimba onto the zoning specification within the area. Based on the revised decree of Ministry of Forestry number 727/Menhut-II/2012 regarding national park appointment, the Bukit Duabelas National Park was classified into seven zones. The MoEF has legally verified the TNBD since 2015 while the authority of Bukit Duabelas National Park has been gradually associated to the Orang Rimba and villagers.

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Let Masyarakat Adat Access their Land

The Masyarakat Adat (Indigenous Peoples) living in and around the forest are mostly in a destitute condition. Their forest resource, where they attached their livelihood with, has been converted into plantation and can not provide a decent livelihood. WARSI recorded that Jambi has 441 households of the Orang Rimba living in oil palm plantations namely, PT. Sari Aditya Loka, Astra Group in Merangin and Sarolangun Districts, PT Bahana Karya Semesta (SMART) Sarolangun district, PT Kresna Duta Agroindo (SAMRT) Sarolangun District, PT Sawit Harum Makmur, Citra Sawit Harum (Harum Group) in Bungo District and PT Satya Kisma Usaha (SMART) in Bungo District.

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Investigating the Clash on Orang Rimba in Mentawak

On Sunday morning (8/20/2017), Merangin District was in a chaos, the policies were sent to Mentawak Village, Nalo Tantan, Merangin District, Jambi Province to prevent the clash burst among Orang Rimba as it has started emerging since few last time. The conflict raised because of an allegation addressed to Bujang Keriting. He was blamed for rapping his mother till she died when he was still in five years old. The issue is supposedly issued by one of the women from Tumenggung Ngepas Group.

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