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Peat Food Delights The PeSoNa

Diverse local cuisines and culinary from peatland area in Jambi Province took part in the Indonesian Social Forestry Festival (PeSoNa) 2018 held in Ratu Convention Center, Jambi, Sumatera, Indonesia. Dodol Nipah and Keripik Pisang Liberika are several culinary products presented by Indonesian Conservation Community – WARSI during the festival with “Kita Kelola Kita Sejahtera” as its theme (literally, it means We Manage, We Prosper).

Different culinary products presented in the festival are a tangible manifestation of forest and peatland development to support the local livelihood around. The existing natural potency and human resources are a perfect combination proving that both peatland and its forest benefit the communities living around.

 “Forest is part of the villagers’ life supporting them to meet their daily needs all the time. In addition, it is one of the most important resources for the local people to secure their welfare,” said Ade Candra, the program coordinator of peatland facilitation program of KKI WARSI.

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Promoting Tanjabtim to be targeted peatland district model

Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) – Warsi incessantly encourages the sustainable peatland management. The Tanjung Jabung Timur District has 65% or 3,120 km2 Peatland areas where WARSI works and focuses on to develop a peatland model through a program known as Kabupaten Ramah Gambut (KRG).

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Stop Izin Baru Di Lahan Gambut

“Kondisi ini menyebabkan rusak dan miskinnya ekosistem lahan gambut, menurunnya keanekaragaman hayati, menurunnya fungsi sistim hidrorologi, berkurangnya sumber bahan makanan dan mata pencaharian,”sebut Rakhmat.

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