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Traditional Deliberation Discussing the Violence against the Orang Rimba

More than 50 Orang Rimba of Tumenggung Meladang group members left the sub-district office of Air Hitam, Sarolangun District on Monday (1/10). This office was a place where the sidang adat (literally traditional council or deliberation held based on the custom and systems of the Orang Rimba) discussing the persecution against Beconteng (one of the Orang Rimba members) held. Couple days ago, Beconteng was hit by the security personnel of the company as he was deemed stealing the fallen palm fruit in a plantation belongs to PT Jambi Agrowiyana (JAW). In the deliberation, the company should be fined by amount of money to the Orang Rimba. When there was no deal with the Orang Rimba and the company, the Orang Rimba left the place and did not want to continue the meeting.

The lobbying for the fines continued at night. The company tried to persuade the Orang Rimba to reach an ‘agreement’ as if there was an attempt to reduce the anger of the Orang Rimba. Finally, the Orang Rimba accepted the company’s offer (being fined and gave them amount of money) and the case was considered to have final resolution.

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Again, the Company Personnel Harms the Orang Rimba

Beconteng (23), the Orang Rimba from the Tumenggung Meladang group members is still lying weak in black plastic roofed huts called as sesudongon by the locals. The Orang Rimba settlement is located on a rubber plantation belong to the Jernih Village community, Air Hitam, Sarolangun District. The bruises on his face were still clearly visible and the blood clots around his nose still left scars. He coughed occasionally while blood and saliva were found at the same time.

Beconteng quietly tells the sad story he had experienced. His injuries were the result of violence and abusive treatment from the personnel of Agro Wiyana (JAW), a subsidiary of the Sinar Mas Plantation located not far from Sesudungon where he lived. The unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday (29/9). That day, Beconteng and Serah, Mbuda 'and Besilo rode motorbikes going hunting with two rifled weapons. Orang Rimba is accustomed to passing this road, because this area is their roaming space to search for prey animals long before the area turns into an oil palm plantation.

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Potret Pengelolaan SDA Jambi 2011

Pengelolaan sumber daya alam di Provinsi Jambi sepanjang 2011 masih memperlihatkan trend penurunan kualitas lingkungan. Pertambangan batubara yang semakin menjadi, terbitnya sejumlah izin baru untuk HTI, konflik lahan yang tak kunjung usai, merupakan lembar buruk pengelolaan su,ber daya alam Jambi. Selain itu keharmonisan hidup masyarakat adat juga terusik ditandai dengan kasus kekerasan yang yang menimpa Orang Rimba dan harus kehilangan nyawa.

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