When Public Figures Take Part
Sun raises brightly when Astrid, an Indonesian famous artist, and her groups set their foot on Nagari Sungai Buluh, Batang Anai, Padang Pariaman district. Astrid, also known as a cute artist whose single album is “jadikan aku yang kedua” visit this nagari -40 minutes away from Minangkabau International Airport- on purpose. Basically, she and her “Hutan Itu Indonesia” team through Musika Forestra Program take a shoot in this Nagari Forest to encourage young generations to love the forests.
Apparently, Sungai Buluh Nagari Forest is one of nagari forests visited by the artists participating in Musika Forestra Program. The community of Sungai Buluh is very enthusiastic and welcoming Astrid and her team. The community presented Pasambahan Dance and Traditional Silat to welcome them and provide huge lunch-food, looked like celebrating a big party.
They continued the trip to Nagari Forest 2 km away from the central village going up the uphill road. The team even does not talk much as tiredness and sweaty are all they feel. The only thing they are enjoying is Saraha Kuau Waterfall, located far in the center of Nagari forest.
Astrid and the other team built a simple camp at the edge of this waterfall to rest in. They are enjoying the river and waterfall, wash their body, and drink the fresh water. This clean water resource is protected by its community through their forest management with Nagari Forest scheme.

Tree Adoption
Tree Adoption Program in West Sumatera has been launched last year. There were 4 nagari having this program, namely Sungai Buluh Nagari Forest in Pariaman, Sirukam and Simanau Nagari Forest in Solok, and Simancuang Nagari Forest. Each Nagari Forest Management Group (KPHN) and KKI-WARSI commit to manage this program which aims to keep the environment clean and promote community’s development in Nagari. There have been many parties donate for this program, including some famous public figures like Dian Sastro and Daniel Mananta. In addition, Astrid is very interesting in this program. She and Arlan, her husband, even adopt Tarok Tree (Arthocarpus walichianus – Moraceae), near Sarasah Kuau waterfall.
The idea of this program comes from the community’s awareness of sustainable forest resource management. They have already managed their forest very well, keep the culprit of illegal logging away from the forest. Hence, for those who have been in success in protecting their forest should be awarded. Moreover, Tree adoption is a step to value the communities whose efforts is protecting and saving their forest as a great natural resource to merit not only themselves but also other communities living in and around the forest.

Sungai Buluh Counteracts Illegal Logging
The most eastern part of Sungai Buluh Nagari in Batang Anai, Padang Pariaman integrates directly with protected forest in Bukit Barisan. Hilly and such forest condition are very influencing the way its community lives. Nagari people consisting of 8 korong, literally means corner, depending their life on agriculture through agroforestry system. Rubber, fruits as Durian, Jengkol, Petai, etc grow well in the farms managed by its community, located in hilly area. They also commit not to touch the upstream forest. The forests in Bukit Barisan area the water catchment areas for 14 brooks flows in Sungai Buluh Nagari toward Batang Anai.
The community realizes that a sustainable forest management is very crucial to secure their future viability, unfortunately, their nagari can not detached from the encroachers since past few years. Hence, a flash flood has been a real threat for them, especially when rainy season comes along.
The activity of Illegal logging backwards the community, yet, they can do nothing since the forest monitoring is undertaken by the central government as it is Protected forest. The community has no right at all into forest management, so they can not avert some of those culprits, even the logging activity is more productive in upstream areas, which is far from the residence.
The legality is very important for the community since the loggers are their neighboring villagers. If this legality is not available, they have no right to scold them, even the social conflict raised.
Fortunately, it has been launched the regulation of Village Forest Management which provides the community a chance to manage their forest sustainably. The community of Sungai Buluh soon proposes a right for Village forest management. Thus, on December, 2, 3013, a decree no.856/Menhut-II/2013 on Nagari Forest Working Area approximately 1,336 hectares. KKI WARSI in collaboration with CBFM’s working group of Forestry Office in West Sumatera Province, BPDAS Agam Kuantan and the Government of Padang Pariaman were facilitating this proposal.
This decree provides the community a legality to stop illegal activities within their nagari forest regarding its ecological system. In addition, it leads them to keep existing clean water resource around, particularly the Sungai Buluh River, a source of water utilities for the community in Padang Pariaman, and Minangkabau International Airport.
Furthermore, this decree allows the CBFM groups set some rules that they can directly implement. One of concrete things have been carried out is that Sungai Buluh Nagari Forest Management group and the Nagari chief have helped caught the culprit of illegal logging and took their evidence such logs and chainsaw. Hence, through this legal legitimation, the community of Sungai Buluh enrich their forest with varieties of woods and fruits, protect the kawasan ikan larangan (an area where the fish is forbidden to catch) and strengthen CBFM management to be a trust agency of forest management.
Moreover, saving and protecting Nagari Forests will also contribute to the life of humankind, including the hydrological function of farming irrigation, water utilities for the communities, mitigating the risk of ecological disaster and reducing the emission from land and forest deforestation and degradation, as well as controlling the global warming.

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