Disaster Alert on Marginal Tribes (SAM)

Land and forest fires resulting haze have been classified as the most frightening disaster for the Orang Rimba and been impacting their life. Dark during the day as the haze covered the forest entirely is something the Orang Rimba is really afraid of. In addition, the disaster also brings various diseases to them. The issues were being discussed during the Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB) Training for the Marginal Tribes held by Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI and PT. ReKi (Indonesian Ecosystem Restoration) in May 30th – 31st 2018.

It is expected that involving all the marginal tribes such as the Orang Rimba, Talang Mamak and Batin Sembilan tribes in the training would enhance their knowledge on disaster happening around and their capability of tackling the disaster. “We are expecting that the communities can identify and be aware of potential disaster around,” Said Kristiawan, the coordinator of Marginal Tribes Program of KKI WARSI.

He added that the indigenous communities are the ones most vulnerable to the disaster all this time, moreover, they are unable to the impacts resulting from this plague. “Therefore, the indigenous community finds it harder to cope with this issue,” said Kris.

On the other hand, lack of social abilities and knowledge regarding their environment and everything surrounding to face all potential natural disasters they might encounter have been another factor of their vulnerability. By the training conducted, the community is expected to be able to identify the potential disaster and build a simple early warning system on every disaster on each location. The most possible and easiest ways that the community could have are community organization and collaboration with other stakeholders such as health offices, BPBD, social offices, PMI, and NGOs.

The PRB system provided for the marginal tribe is somewhat complicated; the collaboration with multi parties is essential while comprehensive perform is a need. “For instance, the haze usually brings various maladies such as Acute Respiratory Infection (ISPA), diarrhea, and innutrition. When this condition can not be handled well, it would result bigger obstacle(s) for the SAM tribes even lead to death,” Kristiawan added.

Therefore, its implementation required high commitment of politics and laws while integrating them into all development policy and planning. In addition, the government and community leader(s) need to synergize each other to seriously campaign the PRB actions.

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