Make Ramadhan a momentum leading to Environmentally-friendly commitment

God creates the universe and specifies the human being as the caliph in the world. No wonder they have big role and responsibility to utilize and manage the nature and its environment. God stated in Al-Qur’an in Surah Al Qoshash Verse – 77, Surah Arruum Verses 41 and 42 and Surah Al A’raf Verses 56, 57 and 58 that Earth is the place of every creature, unfortunately, there are several irresponsible “hands” that devastated it as the result of their greed and raised any decay in sea and land.

Ustadz (literally Islamic chaplain) Dairun, Sag, M.Pd.I stated the line above during the iftar or breaking the fast in Ramadhan held by KKI WARSI, June 7th 2018. Indeed, the damage has already been indicated on the earth today, massive conversion has turned the forest into plantation and degradation. However, Ramadhan, basically, is a moment where we should control our self. Therefore, the mankind should be able to control their desire not limited to a willing to damage the environment. Referring to the analysis conducted by WARSI, in terms of, for instance, a massive deforestation because of humankind, we could see that all forest covers in Jambi have already been at emergency level.

Forest cover at Jambi Province in 2017 is only 930 thousand ha left or around 18% of the total area of Jambi Province. “The forest cover left is all the conservation area. Even, several conservation areas like national park are not separated from the deforestation as the result of mankind activities,” said Rudi Syaf, the director of KKI WARSI.

He added that It is relatively hard to find a place with no damage within at the moment, Kerinci Seblat National Park in Kerinci and Merangin Districts has forest shrinkage due to encroachment happened in the area.

The encroachment within the national park nowadays can not provide any proper solution either for area protection or the encroachers. If no one notices this condition, then forest lost with all its impact will always happen and haunt this area leading to ecological disaster, erosion, flood, and animal and social conflicts. “Besides, according to the regulation of how to create a balance between ecosystem and environment, there should be at least 30% forest of total area, as stated in Law no. 26 year 2007 on spatial plan,” Rudi Said.

Therefore, Rudi added, Ramadhan is a momentum and is expected to affect the way we live, change our habits and attitude to be better and more environmentally-friendly. “We disseminate this appeal for our own self and all the stakeholders as the key roles in charge of resources management, in this case, the government.” Rudi said.

Rudi also conveyed that besides the effort of self-control, we need to be grateful for the resources we have already had. One of the gratitude we could show is utilizing the existing resources well while be aware of its sustainability.

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