Gold-winner of Asian Games Adopts a Tree from Sinar Wajo

Sugianto, an athlete of pencak silat won a gold medal for Indonesia in last Asian Games. He donated his bonus received from the president of Republic of Indonesia to adopt a tree. He decided to adopt a tree in peatland area, particularly in Sinar wajo Village Forest, Mendahara Ulu, Tanjung Jabung Timur District. The winner of 25th gold of the Asian Games 2018 adopted 15 trees. The description of the account of tree adoption revealed the names adopting those trees, they are Sugianto, Anita (wife) and Faiz (son). In line with activity, Sugianto and his little family were noted as the ones adopting the tree in Sinar Wajo Village Forest for one year ahead.

 “We welcome and thank for the donation from Mr. Sugi regarding his commitment to adopt a tree in Sinar Wajo Village. We do hope this could encourage the spirit of other communities to keep each tree within their village forest,” said Emmy Primadona, the program coordinator of tree adoption of Indonesian Conservation Community – WARSI.

Emmy hoped that Sugianto could also inspire other party to start positive attitude towards the environment and nature. “Forests need all of us to keep their existence thus, they will always be securing the nature to keep the ecosystem balance which every mankind will benefit from,” Emmy said.

In addition, it is also expected that Sugianto could open our minds and hearts to be aware of the environment. “We will always put an attempt to make the communities committing to keep the forest together, while the local nearest community should be awarded by the tree adoption program as one of contribution from other communities to environmental sustainability.” Emmy added.

It is described that the trees grow and dominate other plants within the protected forest and Sinar Wajo Village Forest are Rengas Tree (Galutta renghas), Meranti Batu Tree (Shorea Ovalis), Ramin Tree (Gonystylus bancanus), Jelutung Rawa Tree (Dyera Lowii), Kempas Tree (Kompassiana Sumatrana), Durian Hutan Tree (Durion Acutifalius), Medang Serai Tree (Sizygium Lacypalum), Balam Suntung Tree (Palaquium Sumatrana), Samak Dayak Tree (Myristica sp), Medang Jahe Tree (Terminalia Subspathulata), Medang Kuning Tree (Alsiodaphne Maingai), Kecapi Tree (Sandaricum Koetjave), Medang Kunyit Tree (Alsiodaphne Malabonga), Arang – Arang Tree (Diospiros sp), Manggis Hutan Tree (Gracinia sp), Gelam Tree (Malaleuca leucadenron), Berumbung Tree (Adina minutiflora), Mersawa Tree (Anisoptera costata), Punak Tree (Teta Merista Glabramiq), Balam Suntung Tree (Palaquium sumatrana), Keruing Tree (Diptero carpustrimhus).

Emmy said that the tree adoption program in Sinar Wajo Village is the first adoption program in peatland. It aims to restore the peatland and maintain the rest peatland left. The program is expected to be one breakthrough to anticipate the land fire leading to massive deforestation for years. As have been known, half of the peatland forest in Tanjung Jabung Timur or Tanjabtim was in fire in last 2015. The fire has adversely affected the community as well as devastated the ecosystem of the peatland. Therefore, an initiative to keep the forests area came up and presented a scheme of tree adoption in peatland forest.

“the peatland is really vulnerable and if it had been set on fire, it would have taken much time to restore it,” said Emmy.

The budget collected from this tree adoption would be distributed to the community –25% for forest management operational such as forest patrol, and 75% for village development– Emmy said that as a local NGO, WARSI has focused on conservation and empowerment of the community since 2015 and initiated the tree adoption. It began from the tree adoption in Rantau Kermas Customary Forest in Merangin District to other areas such as Simanau, Sungai Buluh, Simancuang, and Sirukam in West Sumatera. The tree adoption is also developed in Laham, East Kalimantan.

Do you want to adopt a tree? It’s easy. You can visit and register yourself at where you can directly see the data of each tree you wish for. Types of trees, diameter, coordinate spot and pictures are all in the website.

As soon as you join the tree adoption program, you are going to receive a certificate from the program and being informed all about the tree by the management party. One tree is only worth IDR 200 for one year adoption. if you wish to continue to adopt your tree, you can decrease your donation.

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