Indudur Nagari Intensifies Organic Farm through Sekolah Lapang


Indudur Nagari located in Kec. IX Koto Sungai Lasi, Solok, West Sumatera, has committed to developing the organic system for their farms. It was directly stated by Zofrawandi, the head of Indudur Nagari after attending an organic farm workshop held on Tuesday (22/1) in the office of head of Indudur Nagari.

To expand the organic farm areas, Zofrawandi targeted that all farmers in Indudur should practice the organic polarization. He asserted that the polarization is aimed at improving the quality production for local welfare.

“It can also restore the soil fertility as time goes by which absolutely complies with the commodity value development of the local farmer.” He asserted.

In addition, Zofrawandi said that organic farm practice will have better quality and price for the organic paddy than the usual one. Today, the community prefers more healthy and organic food like organic paddy. However, Zofrawandi also noticed that there would be several obstacles during the organic farms practices related to its mechanism and system, particularly lack of local’s knowledge on organic farms.

Moreover, another obstacle would be the local farmers’ mind set which apparently has far depended on the chemistry fertilizers. Zofrawandi stated that this happens as the farmers are too afraid and worried about less production of their fields as the organic fertilizer is barely possible to help their planting process. To cope with this issue, Zofrawandi admitted that his team has collaborated with Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI and Perkumpulan Petani Organik (PPO) Santiago.

 “We are very pleased that WARSI and PPO are willing to help number of local farmers through Sekolah Lapang Pertanian Organik, literally, the Organic Farms Field School. We educate the farmers, help them identify the problems and solve them, and create a system based on local wisdom and resource such as animal manure” he added.

It is targeted that hundred percent of local farmers would implement this organic farm in Nagari Indudur. Moreover, Zofrawandi stated that his team will also design and produce a local regulation (Nagari Regulation) on organic farms if necessary.

 “If it leads to better condition, why should not we have it? The nagari will also invite their elders. In addition, complies with our vision, the local welfare is number one especially related to the health situation.” He said.

Meanwhile, the head of PPO Santiago, Hesriyeldi also noted that the locals or community of Indudur have not recently yet had their paddy agriculture through organic system, however, a semi-organic mechanism by using the existence potential around these communities have been their life-part since long ago.

 “Therefore, The SLPO is made aimed as lesson learned for the farmers to start changing their mind and old system gradually. It is very good if they are willing to implement and practice the organic farms, however, it is up to them whether they want to stick on the organic system or goes back to their conventional system” he added.

On the other hand, the unit coordinator of KKI WARSI, Leni Permata Sari stated that organic system in Nagari Indudur is deemed as one of important elements of Community Based Forest Management (CBFM), leaving the community a space as the main actor.

“For instance, the communities of Indudur have intensively attached with forest and rivers around. The communities living along the river will meet their daily needs traditionally through irrigating their farms where the forests are the water source” Leni said.

Additionally, Leni stated that in 2012, Indudur had proposed the Community – Based Forest Management (CBFM) with Community Forest Scheme. Meanwhile, in 2013, Indudur has ontained the decree (SK) of Community Forest Area covering 588 ha.

The Community Forest (HKm), is also an attempt of the locals to save the water of protected forest at Barangkek Mountain. It is expected that such attempt can contribute to not only reducing emission of deforestation but also improving the locals’ welfare around the forest.

“The organic agriculture is one effort to improve the local welfare of Nagari Indudur by using water resources of the forest in compliance with the local wisdom of Indudur.” Depitriadi added.

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