Paten Parti ala Sumpur Kudus

Build a commitment towards forest management

Participatory Training on Forest Ecosystem Monitoring (Paten Parti) in six Nagari at Sumpur Kudus cluster agrees upon the Joint Nagari Forest Management Commitment. There were six nagari participating in this event held at the end of last March, they were Sumpur Kudus, Unggan, Tanjung Bonai Aua (TBA), Mangganti, Tanjung Lobuah and Silantai Nagari/villages.

All the six nagari/villages lie on one landscape called as Sumpur Kudus Cluster. In terms of forest area management, the communities of each nagari agree to propose their nagari forest management right to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF). The forest area successfully obtained a legal decree from the ministry covers about 10,911 ha (updated on February 2019) and are on waiting list covering 1,278 ha for Silantai Nagari.

The discussion of Paten Parti aiming at training and providing knowledge and skills for the societies in terms of data collection of forest monitoring and report reveals the number of issues affecting forest areas. Such issues are the fidgetiness of nagari forest managers due to illegal mini sawmill which is expected to get any illegal logs and boundary issues.

“this commitment is expected to be the first move to a better development in the future. The synergy between the government of the Nagari and LPHN is also expected to address the old matters such as nagari boundary issues. In addition, certain LPHNs seem to have a lack of activities even unclear framework. “We need to conduct a meeting at least once in a month between the LPHN to discuss the achievement and other relevant things to support the LPHN work,” said Adam, the head of Tanjung Bonai Aur Nagari.

related to the mini sawmill, the head of LPHN Unggan, as well as the representative of the government of Unggan Nagari, Khattab asserted that the obstacle they are facing all this time is that they have no idea whether the sawmill has a clear legality as a matter of fact, most of the culprits are the community of the Nagari. This situation and solution are definitely hard to handle.

“I think this could be a challenge for all nagari in Sumpur Kudus Cluster. The culprits of sawmill and illegal logging are people around us. Therefore, it is difficult to take them into legal process and approach. We hope that our commitment could be a clear mechanism to address even stop both illegal sawmill and logging around,” he added.

To strengthen our commitment towards forest management, all nagari and LPHN representatives officially sign the agreement on Nagari forest management. Rainal Daus, the Program Manager of KKI WARSI asserted that the commitment made is one of the active participations from the community in line with the objectives of Paten Parti – monitoring the forest ecosystem involving all communities’ participation starting from its planning to implementation.” He explained.

Through the commitment and nagari forest legal decree, the community is expected to recognize their nagari forest well. “We are expecting that the community can identify all potencies within their nagari forest. The most important thing is, all nagari can define various potency of their forest.” Rainal added. In addition, the commitment and agreement mean a discussion among nagari should be made. It would be useful to help resolve the security problem and illegal activity in the forest.

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