CBFM: Community Empowerment

Forest does not only consist of timbers, but also has been part of local community’s life system and livelihood. Forest resource provides their daily needs such as foods, clothing, shelter, medicines, and other important necessities. Moreover, forest resources had supported their knowledge, life and livelihood since long ago. Unfortunately, the new order has pushed the local community away from their forest since forest management is carried out directly by the central government.


Thus, through the Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) program, Warsi encourages:
1. The forest extension which has had the license from the government,
2. The recognition and protection on the on-going traditional forest management.



Furthermore, the beneficiaries of this program are:
a. The villagers living in and around the forest (production and protection forest) who are willing to manage their own forest sustainably
b. The villagers that have managed their forest traditionally.



To obtain the objectives of this program, Warsi will be carrying out three approaches in its implementation, they are:
1. Facilitating the Program directly through its own resources.
2. Establishing the partnership with local NGO and manage the role as well.
3. Providing technical support to other NGOs which are also running the facilitation program, and
4. Joining other relevant institution to advocate the CBFM policy.



*)CBFM = Community Based Forest Management