The Advocacy and Policy Program

This Program aims to encourage the government to let the community participate in and provide an opportunity to conduct the sustainable and equitable resources management and management plan for their prosperity. In addition, this advocacy and policy program are required to reach the output and purpose of the project.

This advocacy program has proven to be able to help obtain the project purposes, such as:
1. The recognition of Orang Rimba’s management right (through Ministry Forestry decree no. 258/KTPS-II/2000 on August, 23, 2000) by providing 60,500 hectares as Bukit Duabelas National Park. In addition, this national park functions as the residence for Orang Rimba and their livelihood.
2. The recognition of Dusun Batu Kerbau Customary Forest through Bungo Regent’s decree no. 1249/2002 on July, 16, 2002.
3. The recognition of Desa Guguk Customary Forest through Merangin Regent’s decree no. 287/2003.
4. The recognition of Batang Kibul Customary Forest through Merangin Regent’s decree no. 36/2006.