Protection on the Rights of Marginalized Minority Tribes

The Marginalized tribes have hinged their life and livelihood on the forest. Unfortunately, due to the extreme forest degradation, these groups are expelled and marginalized more, whilst, they –whose lifestyle is formed in small groups- have no bargaining position as the other communities around them. So, it is very important to advocate their rights.

Thus, WARSI is focusing on the advocacy and facilitating the indigenous marginalized tribe for their basic rights as a citizen.


Nowadays, WARSI is working for Orang Rimba, Orang Batin Sembilan and Talang Mamak Tribe whose ecosystem is stretched throughout the lowland to the highland area. Traditionally, these tribes live through farming, hunting, and utilizing forest resources. They have run this livelihood since long time ago. However, lowland area as the largest ecosystem of all has degraded the most too since it has turned into palm oil plantation, industrial timber plantation, and transmigration.