CBFM: Nagari Forest

West Sumatera has run the Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) with Nagari Forest scheme since 2000. Basically, Nagari Forest is similar with Village Forest. West Sumatera has had 500,000 hectares road map target during five years. This is the largest community forest management in Indonesia. To obtain its target, West Sumatera creates a forest management policy prioritizing the community’s participation and benefit-sharing system, improving the local community’s responsibility, and securing the long-term forest conservation. This policy will lead West Sumatera to be a well-known province for its forest management based on their local wisdom.


One of the outputs obtained through this program is the community’s management right recognition. Through CBFM working group pioneered by West Sumatera Forestry and Warsi, the government of West Sumatera had identified more than 110 Nagari which are able to run its management right. This CBFM is one of the ways to give the community’s sovereignty back over their own resources.



Below are the lists of Nagari Forests in West Sumatera; they are:


No Nama
1 Nagari Simarasok Terbit SK SK.3839/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS//PSL.0/7/2017 Agam Sumbar 394
2 Nagari Kamang Mudiak Terbit SK SK.2700/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Agam Sumbar 2800
3 Nagari Koto Rantang Terbit SK SK.2710/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Agam Sumbar 1590
4 Nagari Pasie Laweh Terbit SK SK.2699/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Agam Sumbar 4025
5 Nagari Tigo Koto Silungkang Assessment Agam Sumbar 0
6 Nagari Lubuk Karak Terbit SK SK.3750/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS//PSL.0/6/2017 Dharmasraya Sumbar 1708
7 Nagari Gunung Selasih Terbit SK SK.3749/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS//PSL.0/6/2017 Dharmasraya Sumbar 4332
8 Nagari Harau Terbit SK SK.1298/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/3/2018 Lima Puluh Kota Sumbar 3096
9 Nagari Simpang Kapuak Terbit SK SK.2703/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Lima Puluh Kota Sumbar 4612
10 Nagari Halaban Terbit SK SK.5674/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/9/2018 Lima Puluh Kota Sumbar 470
11 Nagari Sungai Buluh Terbit SK 856/Menhut-II/2013 Dan SK HPHN 522.4-789-2014 Padang Pariaman Sumbar 780
12 Nagari Pondok Parian Lunang Terbit SK SK. 2702/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Pesisir Selatan Sumbar 1386
13 Nagari Taratak Sungai Lundang Terbit SK SK. 5684/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/9/2018 Pesisir Selatan Sumbar 1209
14 Nagari Kampung Baru Korong Nan Ampek Terbit SK SK. 5338/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/8/2018 Pesisir Selatan Sumbar 1635
15 Nagari Kambang Timur Terbit SK 1455/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Pesisir Selatan Sumbar 815
16 Nagari Lunang Tengah Terbit SK SK. 1302/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/3/2018 Pesisir Selatan Sumbar 1163
17 Nagari Lunang Terbit SK SK. 1442/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Pesisir Selatan Sumbar 3233
18 Nagari Paru Terbit SK 703/Menhut/II/2014 dan SK HPHN 522.4-501-2015 Sijunjung Sumbar 4500
19 Nagari Tanjung Bonai Aur Terbit SK SK. 2708/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Sijunjung Sumbar 366
20 Nagari Sumpur Kudus Terbit SK SK. 2707/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Sijunjung Sumbar 3862
21 Nagari Buluh Kasok Terbit SK SK. 2697/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Sijunjung Sumbar 763
22 Nagari Unggan Terbit SK SK. 2705/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Sijunjung Sumbar 5080
23 Nagari Padang Laweh Terbit SK SK. 2707/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/4/2018 Sijunjung Sumbar 693
24 Nagari Simanau Terbit SK 572/ Menhut-II/2013 dan SK HPHD 522-44-2012 tgl 19 januari 2012 Solok Sumbar 1088
25 Nagari Sirukam Terbit SK 701/Menhut/II/2014 dan SK HPHD 522.4-934-2016 tgl 12 Juli 2016 Solok Sumbar 1789
26 Nagari Sungai Abu Terbit SK 702/Menhut/II/2014 dan SK HPHD 522.4-936-2016 tgl 12 Juli 2016 Solok Sumbar 6657
27 Nagari Sariak Alahan Tigo Terbit SK 703/Menhut/II/2014 dan SK HPHD 522.4-935-2016 tgl 12 Juli 2016 Solok Sumbar 4138
28 Nagari Surian Terbit SK SK. 7990/MENLHK-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/11/2018 Solok Sumbar 3470
29 Nagari Simancung Nagari Alam Pauh Duo Terbit SK 573/Menhut-II/2011 dan SK HPHD 522-43-2012 tgl 19 Januari 2012 Solok Selatan Sumbar 650
30 Nagari Pulakek Koto Baru Terbit SK 852/Menhut-II/2013 dan SK HPHD 522.4-242-2015 tgl 26 Maret 2015 Solok Selatan Sumbar 4265
31 Nagari Pakan Rabaa Terbit SK 853/Menhut-II/2013 dan SK HPHD 522.4-244-2015 tgl 26 Maret 2015 Solok Selatan Sumbar 4260
32 Nagari Pasir Talang Timur Terbit SK 854/menhut-II/2013 dan SK HPHD 522.4-243-2015 tgl 26 Maret 2015 Solok Selatan Sumbar 2395
33 Nagari Koto Baru Terbit SK 856/menhut-II/2013 Solok Selatan Sumbar 1145
34 Nagari Koto Baru Terbit SK 855/Menhut-II/2013 dan SK HPHD 522.4-241-2015 tgl 26 Maret 2015 Solok Selatan Sumbar 1145
35 Nagari Lubuk Gadang Selatan Terbit SK SK.6649/Menlhk-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/12/2017 Solok Selatan Sumbar 4550
36 Nagari Pakan Rabaa Timur Terbit SK SK.6681/Menlhk-PSKL/PKPS/PSL.0/12/2017 Solok Selatan Sumbar 5140