Regional Regulation on the Recognition of Serampas Community

Serampas people have hinged their life on forest since long ago. The policy of National Park Kerinci Seblat (NPKS) and enormous land encroaching around Serampas had raised the restlessness among them. According to the community, the sultanate of Jambi had recognized Serampas administratively which can be seen through Serampas old documents. The community has managed the natural resource sustainably to meet their daily needs as they live in mountain area.

Therefore, the Regional regulation is very important to keep Serampas community and their local wisdom as well. Thus, Warsi and Serampas community encourage the Provincial and Municipal Council of Merangin district to have regional regulation plan to recognize and protect serampas indigenous people. The Regional Regulation Plan advocacy is in line with the implementation of yuditium review no. 35 on customary forest and indigenous people recognition and protection, so that it recognizes, declares and protects the right of indigenous people of Serampas.

Finally, in plenary session held on February 2016, this plan regulation officially became Regional Regulation of Merangin District. This is a legal protection for Serampas people on their forest conservation in accordance to their local wisdom.