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Tingkatkan Ambisi, Hentikan Deforestasi dalam NDC

Yayasan EcoNusa Indonesia, Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan dan KKI-Warsi menilai tujuan dari Kesepakatan Paris untuk perubahan iklim yang dirumuskan pada 2015 lalu terancam gagal. Deforestasi yang terus terjadi tiap tahun dan diperkirakan akan terus berlangsung hingga 2030 menjadi salah satu penyebabnya.

Sayangnya, negara-negara pemilik tutupan hutan alam yang luas, seperti Indonesia, Brasil, Republik Demokratik Kongo, Peru, Kolombia dan Myanmar tidak memiliki rencana untuk sepenuhnya menghentikan deforestasi dan degradasi hutan dalam NDC (Kontribusi yang Ditetapkan Secara Nasional) mereka. Rencana pengurangan emisi yang tercantum dalam NDC keenam negara tersebut pada kenyataanya masih mengandung deforestasi terencana yang tinggi. Di beberapa negara, tingkat deforestasi bahkan direncanakan akan terus meningkat hingga 2030.  

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Konservasi melalui Robusta Serampas

Kopi serampas memang menjadi salah satu produk Kopi Robusta yang menggoda dari Kecamatan Jangkat Kabupaten Merangin Jambi.  Dalam Festival Perhutanan Sosial Nusantara (PeSoNa) 2018 Kopi Serampas tampil elegan menarik minat para pengunjung, tak terkecuali Direktur Jendral Perhutanan Sosial dan Kemitraan Lingkungan Bambang Supriyanto usai membuka festival yang berlangsung di Ratu Convention Center Jambi.

Kopi Serampas merupakan hasil olahan Masyarakat Hukum Adat Serampas, yang mencakup lima desa yakni Renah Alai, Rantau Kermas, Lubuk Metilin, Tanjung Kasri dan Renah Kemumu. Sejak lama kopi telah menjadi produk pertanian dari Kelompok Masyarakat Adat Serampas. Nenek moyang mayarakat Serampas telah lama membudidayakan kopi tinggi yang disebut dengan nama lokal kopi sta.

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Kuliner Gambut Meriahkan PeSoNa

Aneka kuliner olahan yang berasal dari kawasan gambut Jambi ikut mewarnai Festival Perhutanan Sosial Nusantara (PeSoNa) 2018 di Ratu Convention Center.  Dodol nipah, keripik pisang rasa liberika, merupakan bagian aneka sajian yang dihadirkan di stand Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia WARSI pada festival yang mengambil tema  Kita Kelola Kita Sejahtera itu.

Aneka produk olahan gambut yang hadir di festival ini, merupakan wujud pengembangan kawasan hutan dan juga gambut yang mampu menunjang kehidupan masyarakat di sekitarnya. Potensi yang sudah tersedia dengan sentuhan yang diberikan membuktikan gambut dan hutannya bisa memberikan manfaat untuk masyarakat yang ada di sekitarnya. 

 “Hutan merupakan bagian dari kehidupan masyarakat desa yang telah menopang kehidupan kesehariannya. Hutan juga menjadi salah satu kekayaan penting bagi masyarakat untuk menjamin kesejahteraan hidupnya,” Kata Ade Candra Koordinator program pendampingan masyarakat gambut KKI WARSI.

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Accelerating the Recognition of Customary Forest

The gap between natural forest management and poverty has long been a classic issue we have to deal with today. The access given to the communities to manage their forest management is one solution expected to solve this problem. The recognition of customary forest management is one of the forestry schemes supposed to be able to tackle such gap in the local community. The government has targeted 4.3 million ha for customary forest management. Yet, of all millions targeted, only 27 thousand ha for 33 groups of locals was successfully made.

“The recognition goes too late, for instance, the support of the local government either thru local regulation or decree of the regent on the recognition of customary forest management which apparently is the main requirement to recognize the customary forest and communities living in” said Rudi Syaf, the director of Indonesian Conservation Community – KKI WARSI.

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The community of Pematang Rahim Village, Mendahara Ulu, Tanjung Jabung Timur District has designed some village forest management plans and provided some technical assistances to support the management process. In addition, the community has formed the Village Forest Management Agency (LPHN) that is in charge of the area management and fire aware community (MPA) group to have a patrol controlling and preventing the fire within the peatland area. The communities are very much excited to participate in designing the ecotourism concept in their village forest and share any ideas to develop and implement it in the area near by Jambi Province – only two hours away by car.

However, the idea to soon implement the village forest management seems too close to postpone. The only problem is that the proposed village forest management in last January 2017 did not get any feedback yet from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF).

It is indeed, the MoEF was once quiet responsive to this proposed activity where they made the verification team in June 2017. The verification team has asserted that all the proposals have been settled as all the target areas are within the Indicative Map of Social Forestry Area (PIAPS) while the Village Forest Management and the community has met the other requirements.

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Oral Cavity Cancer in Orang Rimba

Nyesep (60), the wife of Sahar, one of the Orang Rimba members of Roni Group was laid down and hospitalized in Raden Mattaher Hospital in Jambi Province. Sore and swollen in her lower lip were characterized and diagnosed as oral cancer, also known as the oral cavity cancer by the doctor. The mother with four children of hers was apparently aware of any changes on her down lips last year. It was only a small bump like an ulcer, but developed bigger time by time. Health facilitators of Indonesian Conservation Community – WARSI visit this target male several times yet was rejected as she did not want to receive any medical treatment. Instead, she preferred traditional treatment to medical treatment while living under the palm plantation belongs to Kembang Ujo Villagers, Pamenang, Merangin District.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday (9/10) Nyesap finally gave up on her condition and asked for medical treatment in the hospital as her lower lip is worse and more swollen influencing her appetite. She was sent to Pamenang Puskesmas while directly proposed to Abunjani Hospital in Bangko in the afternoon. It is in line with the system of patient treatment in Local Health Insurance (Jamkesda), Merangin District. On Thursday, she was further sent to Raden Mattaher Hospital in Jambi Province.

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Traditional Deliberation Discussing the Violence against the Orang Rimba

More than 50 Orang Rimba of Tumenggung Meladang group members left the sub-district office of Air Hitam, Sarolangun District on Monday (1/10). This office was a place where the sidang adat (literally traditional council or deliberation held based on the custom and systems of the Orang Rimba) discussing the persecution against Beconteng (one of the Orang Rimba members) held. Couple days ago, Beconteng was hit by the security personnel of the company as he was deemed stealing the fallen palm fruit in a plantation belongs to PT Jambi Agrowiyana (JAW). In the deliberation, the company should be fined by amount of money to the Orang Rimba. When there was no deal with the Orang Rimba and the company, the Orang Rimba left the place and did not want to continue the meeting.

The lobbying for the fines continued at night. The company tried to persuade the Orang Rimba to reach an ‘agreement’ as if there was an attempt to reduce the anger of the Orang Rimba. Finally, the Orang Rimba accepted the company’s offer (being fined and gave them amount of money) and the case was considered to have final resolution.

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Again, the Company Personnel Harms the Orang Rimba

Beconteng (23), the Orang Rimba from the Tumenggung Meladang group members is still lying weak in black plastic roofed huts called as sesudongon by the locals. The Orang Rimba settlement is located on a rubber plantation belong to the Jernih Village community, Air Hitam, Sarolangun District. The bruises on his face were still clearly visible and the blood clots around his nose still left scars. He coughed occasionally while blood and saliva were found at the same time.

Beconteng quietly tells the sad story he had experienced. His injuries were the result of violence and abusive treatment from the personnel of Agro Wiyana (JAW), a subsidiary of the Sinar Mas Plantation located not far from Sesudungon where he lived. The unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday (29/9). That day, Beconteng and Serah, Mbuda 'and Besilo rode motorbikes going hunting with two rifled weapons. Orang Rimba is accustomed to passing this road, because this area is their roaming space to search for prey animals long before the area turns into an oil palm plantation.

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WARSI Supports the Moratorium on Oil Palm Plantations

The Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI enthusiastically welcomed the presidential decree no. 8/2018 on Procrastination and Evaluation of License and Productivity Improvement of Palm Plantation. The director of KKI WARSI, Rudi Syaf stated that the decree is as an opportunity as well as momentum to improve the management and conflict resolution between locals and companies. Most of oil palm plantation area in Jambi Province once was the forest which has already been converted. Yet, the deliverance of this area did not take the marginal tribes (SAM) living within into account.

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Legal Decree over Customary Forests by Indonesian President

The Indonesian President, Joko Widodo delivered legal decree on Customary Forest for 16 groups of customary forest management. Ten of the total groups are from Jambi consisted of seven groups in Sarolangun District, two Groups in Kerinci District and one group in Bungo District. This event was held in Istana Negara (State Palace) this morning.

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Indonesian President Bestowed the Decree on Customary Forests in Sarolangun District

Today, the management of customary forest in Sarolangun heads to Jakarta to receive the decree on Customary Forest from The President of Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo which would be held in Istana Negara (State Palace) tomorrow (19/9). Some of them are from Meribung Village Customary Forest Management, who would have been receiving the decree no.  5775/MENLHK-PSKL/PKTHA/PS.1/9/2018 over 617 ha, Penghulu Lareh in Desa Temalang Customary Forest on decree no. 5774/MENLHK-PSKL/PKTHA/PS.1/9/2018 over 240 ha, Rio Peniti Lubuk Bedorong Customary Forest on decree no. 5776/MENLHK-PSKL/PKTHA/PS.1/9/2018 over 240 ha, Imbo Pseko Customary Foret in Napal Melintang Village on decree no. 5773/MENLHK-PSKL/PKTHA/PS.1/9/2018 over 83 ha, Datuk Mantari Sakti Customary Forest in Mersip Village on decree no. 5772/MENLHK-PSKL/PKTHA/PS.1/9/2018 over 78 ha.  This management will be joining the other customary forest managements in Kerinci, Bungo, West Kalimantan, West Java and South Sulawesi Provinces. There is total 6,032.50 ha of Customary Forest Area stated by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of 16 management groups.

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Gold-winner of Asian Games Adopts a Tree from Sinar Wajo

Sugianto, an athlete of pencak silat won a gold medal for Indonesia in last Asian Games. He donated his bonus received from the president of Republic of Indonesia to adopt a tree. He decided to adopt a tree in peatland area, particularly in Sinar wajo Village Forest, Mendahara Ulu, Tanjung Jabung Timur District. The winner of 25th gold of the Asian Games 2018 adopted 15 trees. The description of the account of tree adoption revealed the names adopting those trees, they are Sugianto, Anita (wife) and Faiz (son). In line with activity, Sugianto and his little family were noted as the ones adopting the tree in Sinar Wajo Village Forest for one year ahead. 

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7 zones strengthen TNBD as a home for the Orang Rimba

The appointment of Bukit Duabelas National Park was obviously made for the Orang Rimba, a group whose livelihood is attached to the forest. WARSI advocated the Bukit Dua Belas National Park to protect the livelihood of the Orang Rimba which has been threatened by massive conservation in 90s as most of Bukit Duabelas National Park is converted into palm plantation, industrial timber plantation and transmigrant area.

In 2000, the government as the most powerful party over the forest management agreed to take the license given to PT Inhutani V – the company in charge of managing the plantation. Advocacy conducted by WARSI with the support of multi parties in Jambi Province can reassure the central government to take the license of plantation and made it a living space for the Orang Rimba called Bukit Duabelas National Park.

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The MoEF agrees upon the development for the Orang Rimba in National Park

Bukit Duabelas National Park (TNBD) was basically aimed to protect the livelihood of the Orang Rimba – the indigenous tribe of Jambi Province. Although tug and war was occurred during a decision regarding zoning system classification as one requirement of national park management, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) started to accommodate the needs of the Orang Rimba onto the zoning specification within the area. Based on the revised decree of Ministry of Forestry number 727/Menhut-II/2012 regarding national park appointment, the Bukit Duabelas National Park was classified into seven zones. The MoEF has legally verified the TNBD since 2015 while the authority of Bukit Duabelas National Park has been gradually associated to the Orang Rimba and villagers.

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The Orang Rimba Denounced PT. SAL to Rajo Godong (Vice Government)

Five tumenggung (Head of the group) visited and told their plight to the governor of Jambi Province. All the tumenggung namely, Sikar, Kecinto Bepayung, Njalo and Meti have already come to the governor’s office since Tuesday morning (28/8). They were set to back-and-forth and were asked to wait for Assistant III of the governor. However, they were just able to meet the assistant III (Asisten III) of Local Secretariat (Setda) of Jambi Province after 2 p.m. Indeed, The Orang Rimba has no problem of waiting although it would take too much time as long as the government is capable of finding the solution and noticing their issues.

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Let Masyarakat Adat Access their Land

The Masyarakat Adat (Indigenous Peoples) living in and around the forest are mostly in a destitute condition. Their forest resource, where they attached their livelihood with, has been converted into plantation and can not provide a decent livelihood. WARSI recorded that Jambi has 441 households of the Orang Rimba living in oil palm plantations namely, PT. Sari Aditya Loka, Astra Group in Merangin and Sarolangun Districts, PT Bahana Karya Semesta (SMART) Sarolangun district, PT Kresna Duta Agroindo (SAMRT) Sarolangun District, PT Sawit Harum Makmur, Citra Sawit Harum (Harum Group) in Bungo District and PT Satya Kisma Usaha (SMART) in Bungo District.

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WARSI Deplores the Violence against the Orang Rimba

The Orang Rimba will never forget what happened on Tuesday afternoon (19/6). It turned out to be a very hideous and frightful day for Hari and Badai Groups – the Orang Rimba dwelling in Pasir Putih Social Residence, Dwi Karya Bakti Village, Pelepat, Bungo District, Jambi Province. On Saturday (16/6) – the second day of Idul Fitri (Eid Al-Fitr, an Islamic Celebration), Ilham, (the Orang Rimba of Kitap Group in Nalo Tantan, Merangin District) visited 51 households of these groups since they have already been converting themselves into Islam.

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Make Ramadhan a momentum leading to Environmentally-friendly commitment

God creates the universe and specifies the human being as the caliph in the world. No wonder they have big role and responsibility to utilize and manage the nature and its environment. God stated in Al-Qur’an in Surah Al Qoshash Verse – 77, Surah Arruum Verses 41 and 42 and Surah Al A’raf Verses 56, 57 and 58 that Earth is the place of every creature, unfortunately, there are several irresponsible “hands” that devastated it as the result of their greed and raised any decay in sea and land. Ustadz (literally Islamic chaplain) Dairun, Sag, M.Pd.I stated the line above during the iftar or breaking the fast in Ramadhan held by KKI WARSI, June 7th 2018.

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Disaster Alert on Marginal Tribes (SAM)

Land and forest fires resulting haze have been classified as the most frightening disaster for the Orang Rimba and been impacting their life. Dark during the day as the haze covered the forest entirely is something the Orang Rimba is really afraid of. In addition, the disaster also brings various diseases to them. The issues were being discussed during the Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB) Training for the Marginal Tribes held by Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI and PT. ReKi (Indonesian Ecosystem Restoration) in May 30th – 31st 2018.

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Promoting Tanjabtim to be targeted peatland district model

Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) – Warsi incessantly encourages the sustainable peatland management. The Tanjung Jabung Timur District has 65% or 3,120 km2 Peatland areas where WARSI works and focuses on to develop a peatland model through a program known as Kabupaten Ramah Gambut (KRG).

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Envisioning the Smart and Healthy Life for the Orang Rimba

Being smart and healthy is a need for everybody, not limited to the Orang Rimba communities. Whilst, even the drastic forest conversion where they belong to and live in (red: a “home”) has marginalized their groups. Thus, any support and commitment from multi parties to encourage the Orang Rimba is very necessary to let this tribe keep up with other communities around.

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Illegal Mining in Customary Forest

Hundreds people of Desa Baru, Pangkalan Jambu, Merangin District burst their anger to illegal gold mining activities within their customary forest. They set fires to all equipment found in their customary forest on February 8th, 2018. According to them, this illegal gold mining activity has been warned for times to stop running, yet, it results nothing. It kept carrying out within their area, the customary forests. Thus, this triggers their anger and fire all the equipment they find placed within their forests

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Budi, a thief grows into an army

"Bu Agui," said Budi, when he reminiscences the times he learnt to know alphabets and numbers for the first time in Bukit Dua Belas National Park. Budi is only a simple name given by a shaman (generally known as midwife at the moment) who welcomed him in Asohon, a rural place in further area of Bukit Dua Belas National Park. Agui, also known as Agustina Siahaan, a.k.a Xena (nickname given by other facilitator staffs), was one of education facilitators of KKI WARSI who taught the Orang Rimba children at that time. Budi was a student going to school only to follow his elder brother, Beralun.

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