Batin Sembilan Tribe

Batin Sembilan is one of the tribes stretched throughout Muara Jambi, Batanghari, and Sarolangun district. The government calls them Suku Anak Dalam (SAD) Tribe, meanwhile, Malay people call them Kubu. People believe that the name of Batin Sembilan refers to the rivers inhabited by the descendants of Bayang Lais who married Maruhun Sunsang Romo. That descendant had nine children. Those children inherited and controlled nine rivers called Batin. These rivers are Bulian, Bahar, Singoan, Jebak, Jangga, Telisak, Sekamis, Semusir, and Burung Hantu River. Nowadays, Batin Sembilan tribe is still dwelling in these areas, yet, most of them have been assimilated with other outer communities.

The government has made a policy regarding Batin Sembilan Community’s development. However, the development can not work properly since there are some greedy stakeholders who exploit the resources existing in Batin Sembilan particularly in Bajubang, Tampino and Kenali Asam Atas as these areas are the main livelihood of Batin Sembilan. The new order period, has made more palm oil plantation, industrial timber plantation, and transmigration come to this area. This forces Batin Sembilan tribe to live far into the forest even some of them assimilate with other tribe only for their survival.

WARSI and Batin Sembilan Tribe are standing for each other to fight for a decent living and equality guarantee for the future of Batin Sembilan’s children through facilitating their formal school and health service.