Orang Rimba Tribe

Orang Rimba is also known as Orang Kubu. The term of Orang Rimba is derived from their livelihood which is embedded with the forest resources since long time ago. In addition, the term of Orang Rimba also refers to the rivers where they live near. The government calls them Suku Anak Dalam (SAD); a concept describing the life of Orang Rimba living in the forest.

Orang Rimba classified themselves into a small group. Their main livelihood are gathering and hunting the forest resources. Most of them live in semi-nomadic way. They will go to other place when one of their family members has passed away; also known as melangun. This goes depending on their sadness, in other word, they will only stay in new place for a while to get rid of their sorrow.

Mainly, this tribe lives in three areas, such as alongside the Sumateran highway, Bukit Duabelas and Bukit Tigapuluh. WARSI’s primary programs are advocating the living space for Orang Rimba, facilitating their education through teaching them basic reading and math, and attempting Orang Rimba’s children to reach formal education.

Forest degradation is also affected the morbidity and mortality rate of Orang Rimba. Thus, WARSI had been there to give basic health service and an access to reach public health service, as well as advocate free health service for Orang Rimba.

WARSI and Orang Rimba are working together to improve their livelihood. WARSI realizes that an extreme forest degradation will definitely burden Orang Rimba as they have to eke out for a proper life in the future. Therefore, WARSI facilitates them for better livelihood.