Talang Mamak Tribe

Talang Mamak is one of the tribes whose livelihood is embedded with the forest resources since long time ago through hunting and gathering the forest products. These products will be consumed for their own family or communal. Talang Mamak is spread around Bukit Tigapuluh which is administratively located in Batang Gangsal, Kelayang, and Renga Barat subdistrict as well as Indragiri Hulu district, Riau Province. One of the groups lives in Simarantihan hamlet, Suo-Suo Village, Batang Sumai, Tebo district, Jambi Province.


The groups who live far in the forest through cultivation system exactly realize how the forest which is used to be their livelihood has no longer belong to them nowadays, even they no longer could manage the forest and its resources according to their local wisdom. This happens also to Talang Mamak tribe, the concession and land use defined by the government have disturbed their livelihood as it has already been attached with the forest since long ago. Many logging companies had cut the trees down that lead to the forest degradation, particularly palm oil companies which seemed to be the greatest threat for this tribe. Moreover, the group staying alongside Batang Gansal River has conflict with Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (BTNP) authority, meanwhile, since 2002, the forestry ministry has stated BTNP as a conservation area which includes Talang Mamak tribe living alongside Gansal River.


Based on this situation, WARSI collaborates with Talang Mamak to advocate the management right of Talang Mamak on BTNP. WARSI also focuses on the education and health service for their better life.