Integrating CBFM Activities into RPJMDes


Community Based Forest Management (CBFM), recently known as Social Forestry (PS) is a management forest scheme conducted by societies, from and to themselves. While the society plays a major role, CBFM may be expected to be a conflict resolution, welfare improvement and forest conservation.

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Overlapping Areas Restrain Social Forestry


Basically, Pematang Rahim KPHD (Village Forest Managing Group) in Mendahara Ulu, Tanjung Jabung Timur District, has been able to manage their village forest. However, about 1,185 ha proposed by the societies in Sungai Buluh Protected Peatland is not clear yet at the end process of village forest management right. Society of Pematang Rahim has proposed their Village Forest Management Right to MoEF since January, 24th, 2017.

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105,000 ha of Social Forestry Allocated for Jambi


Director of Environment Partnership PSKL, Erna Rosdiana appreciates the activity progress of social forestry or Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) in Jambi Province. There has been 368,000 ha forest for the community in Jambi Province according to Indicative Map of Social Forestry Area (PIAPS) where 30% (105,000 ha) of total has been allocated for Jambi. This is impressive and is showing us a new improving trend of Community Based Forest Management (CBFM).

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Deliberation Meeting of Communication Forum of CBFM

Finding Solution for Forest Management

Representative of Nagari Communication Forum of CBFM (FKPHBMN) – West Sumatera encounters to find a solution for CBFM in Nagari Paru, Sijunjung subdistrict, on Monday (30/1) and Tuesday (31/1). Moreover, this meeting is as a chance to introduce potential local products of each nagari after they hold forest management legality from the government. Either with Nagari Forest, Community Forest, and Customary Forest schemes. Some of the participants attend the meeting are the Government of West Sumatera, Head of Forestry Office of West Sumatera, head of sub-working groups (kelompok kerja or pokja), Regent of Sijunjung district, NGO’s representative, and other relevant organizations.

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Masyarakat Serampas Raih Penghargaan Apresiasi Wana Lestari Kementrian LHK 2016


Kelompok Masyarakat Pengelola Hutan Adat Rantau Kermas Marga Serampas di Kecamatan Jangkat Kabupaten Merangin Jambi, maraih Juara 3 Apresiasi Wana Lestari 2016 yang diselenggarakan Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan.

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