Measles Affects Orang Rimba


Orang Rimba Terap groups in Batanghari district and Orang Rimba Sepintun Groups in Sarolangun district are suffering from measles. At the moment, there are 7 people of Orang Rimba Terap having treatment in Raden Mattaher Hospital, Jambi Province and 4 of Orang Rimba Sepintun are in H. Abdul Madjid Batoe, Muara Bulian.

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Deliberation Meeting of Communication Forum of CBFM

Finding Solution for Forest Management

Representative of Nagari Communication Forum of CBFM (FKPHBMN) – West Sumatera encounters to find a solution for CBFM in Nagari Paru, Sijunjung subdistrict, on Monday (30/1) and Tuesday (31/1). Moreover, this meeting is as a chance to introduce potential local products of each nagari after they hold forest management legality from the government. Either with Nagari Forest, Community Forest, and Customary Forest schemes. Some of the participants attend the meeting are the Government of West Sumatera, Head of Forestry Office of West Sumatera, head of sub-working groups (kelompok kerja or pokja), Regent of Sijunjung district, NGO’s representative, and other relevant organizations.

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