Measles Frightens Orang Rimba

47 suffered, 26 hospitalized

Up to now, 26 people of Orang Rimba are in some hospitals in Jambi province for measles they suffer from. 17 people are in H. Abdul Madjid Batoe Muara Bulian hospital, 8 people are in Chatib Quswain Saronagun Hospital, and a man is in Raden Mattaher Hospital. At the first week of February, 47 Orang Rimba Terap and Sepintun keep coming into the hospital because of this high contagious disease.
“Now we keep trying to evacuate the infected people to the hospital for further treatment, while for those living far into the forest, we suggest them to have traditional treatment, if they are not feeling better, we bring them to the hospital.” Said Rusli Efendi, Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI’s health facilitator.
“The condition of Orang Rimba is vulnerable to the measles, even now it has been so apprehensive as measles attacked them since the first week of February. Measles is very frightening for Orang Rimba as it is high contiguous disease. It breaks out easily and can infect other member fast” Rusli added. In addition, rainy season lead to hard access and mobility of Orang Rimba to the hospital.
Rusli then added that if measles does not have good treatment, it can even lead to death. Fortunately, Orang R imba has been more aware of medical treatment so they are willing to go to the hospital. Yet, the only obstacle they face today is their family living cost when they follow one of their infected members in the hospital. “When one of their family is being infected, usually there will be 2 or 3 people care them at the hospital. We can imagine when it lasts for a whole week, how much it will cost them.” Rusli said.

Disease Treatment for Orang Rimba
WARSI’s anthropologist, Robert Aritonang said that Orang Rimba is the most vulnerable group of all, particularly to the climate change. Living in nomadic way, unpredicted weather and uncertain food are the main factors of their vulnerability, moreover, the disease transmission will work more...

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