Orang Rimba: Seek for Immunization


Measles attack has quieted population of Orang Rimba in Terap, at the edge of Bukit Dua Belas National Park, Bathin XXIV, Batanghari. One-third of total 166 households get out of forest for having treatment in some hospitals. Meanwhile, the rest living far in the forest still need help to prevent this high contagious disease among them.
“kami kepepeningon, benyok nang sakit, lari keluar rimba (we are confused, many people are sick, they go out of forest for better treatment), said Menti Ngelembo, one of the leaders in Orang Rimba Terap.
He then added that there are only 20 households in the jungle who have not infected yet, “kami dengar campak nio bisa dicegah dengan imunisasi, kalau urang desa dapot imunisasi, ngapo kami orang rimba hopi dapot imunisasi? (we heard that immunization can prevent measles, why don’t we get any immunization while villagers do?)” Ngelembo added.
He hopes that government is willing to visit and give immunization to the uninfected Orang Rimba as measles leads them hard to find some food.
“kami sibuk keluar rimba membawa nang sakit, hopi ado waketu mencari, kami kesulitan pemakon. (we are busy taking infected people out of forest to the hospital, we have no time to work and hunt, so we are definitely difficult in finding some food)” Ngelembo said.
Therefore, he expects the government holds some programs to help Orang Rimba out as though immunization program to prevent not only measles but also other contagious diseases.
Ngelembo stated that it is not such an easy way to take their family to the hospital, particularly in rainy season, as the road is muddy and slippery. Even, cars have no way in, they need to go on foot or by motorcycle only to get into the cars. “kalau dulu kito nang naik motor musim hujan macam ko bisa motor naik kito, nang sakit makin sakit dengan kondisi mumpa nio (we used to ride our motorcycles, but now they “ride” us – meaning that we have to push them to go through. The sick people are more...

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