Bungo Initiates “Dusun Online Program” to Support Green District


Muara Bungo – the Government of Bungo District collaborates with KKI – Warsi to organize a concept of Green District. This concept will not only focus on city but also district and village (hamlets) level. Hence, WARSI and the government of Bungo held a Public Consultation on Village’s “Dusun Online” Information System to support this concept in Amaris Hotel, Muaro Bungo district (28/2).
This concept complies with law no.6/2014 on the Village management which sets hamlets as the lowest administrative at government level. Thus, hamlets can design its plan, conduct and monitor its implementation. For all these reasons, a hamlet should have a strong database/information system according to its potential and existing issues.
This law also aims to establish a professional, efficient, effective, and responsible village. This will be achieved through improving public services for the community to accelerate their welfare well, preserving their socio-culture to maintain local unity as part of national defense, improving their livelihood, and mitigating any gap in national development and strengthening local communities as the subjects for village development.
Deputy of Warsi’s Director, Yulqari stated that a detail micro spatial mapping is crucial either with spatial or social scheme to accommodate all the things above. Furthermore, local community, particularly Local Government (eg, Bappeda or Regional Development Agency) should easily access it. He hoped that this will lead the community to take part in designing the village development plan. Thus, each village can design its Mid and Long Term Development Plan according to the existing micro spatial. If we can make it, village, district, sub-district, province and National development plan will synchronize each other.
To support this program, Warsi has collaborated with Bappeda of Bungo district since 2014 to establish a database/information system. Furthermore, the government of Bungo district has more...

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