Indonesia’s second largest palm oil producer fails to deliver on its sustainability policy

NGOs deem Astra Agro Lestari’s implementation of sustainability policy far too slow; question the company’s intentions to fully adhere to its commitments

Representative of Nagari Communication Forum of CBFM (FKPHBMN) – West Sumatera encounters to find a solution for CBFM in Nagari Paru, Sijunjung subdistrict, on Monday (30/1) and Tuesday (31/1). Moreover, this meeting is as a chance to introduce potential local products of each nagari after they hold forest management legality from the government. Either with Nagari Forest, Community Forest, and Customary Forest schemes. Some of the participants attend the meeting are the Government of West Sumatera, Head of Forestry Office of West Sumatera, head of sub-working groups (kelompok kerja or pokja), Regent of Sijunjung district, NGO’s representative, and other relevant organizations.

The meeting is as a result of community’s respond to government’s commitment to put CBFM forward, as a major substance of Forest Development in West Sumatera by providing 500,000 ha forest for community to manage. In September 2013, FKPHBMN - West Sumatera was created in Jorong Simancuang subdictrict as a place to share the information regarding CBFM facilitated by KKI WARSI and Health Office of West Sumatera. This forum is also as a media to collect vary aspirations regarding forest management policy in West Sumatera while considering its forest and community living around.

The community of West Sumatera responds high regarding CBFM. Up to now, there are 114 nagari proposing CBFM; Either with Nagari Forest, Customary Forest, or Community Forest Scheme. This nagari scattered throughout Solok, South Solok (Solok Selatan), Dharmasraya, Sijunjung, 50 Kota, Tanah Datar, Pasaman, Pasaman Barat, Padang Pariaman, Agam, and Pesisir Selatan district, also Padang and Sawah Lunto City.

Rainal Daus, a manager of WARSI’s Advocacy and policy stated this meeting is conducted to strengthen West Sumatera FKPHBMN as well as designing its work plan in 2017. Besides, this meeting is advocating and promoting the economic development based on local natural resources.

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