Village Forest Management Right Given to Mahakam Ulu


Dayak Community of eight villages in Mahakam Ulu finally hold their forest management right. On last Tuesday, (16/5), Sri Sulasmi, Head of Sub-directorate of Social Forestry of MoEF bestowed the official decree of Village Forest Management Right (HPHD) to Bonifacius Belawan Geh, the regent of Mahakam Ulu in Regional Planning Agency (Bappeda)’s meeting room, Ujoh Bilang, Mahakam Ulu.

There are eight villages in Mahakam Ulu receiving this HPHD, they are Kampung Lutan Village (given to Didimus Jenau, Village Secretary and Liah Juk, Head of LPHK Lutan), Long Hurai (given to Markus Luhat, Head of LPHK and Ahad Ngau, Village Official), Long Merah (given to Agus Hermawan, Head of LPHK), Laham (given to Benediktus Ngerung, Head of LPHK), Batoq Kelo (given to Yusuf Yudhiatno, Village Official, and Vinsensius Kurnain, Head of LPHK Batoq Kelo), Long Tuyoq (given to Y.A Hibau Tekwan (Head of LPHK Long Tuyoq) and Y. Nyuk Hanyeq (Village Official). Tiong Ohang Hanyeq, Village Official and Aron Divon, Head of BPK and Kampung Loha Noha Silat (given to Martinus Oang, Village Treasurer and Gregorius Ibau, Village Secretary).

Sri Sulasmi conveyed that the Village forest management right decree is available to accelerate government’s target for 12.7 million ha of social forestry up to 2019. Based on Indicative Map of Social Forestry Area, the potential social forestry in East Kalimantan reach out 660,782 ha, whilst, Mahakam Ulu has 61,903 ha and Kutai Barat District have 74,088 ha. 23 thousands of all the potential social forestry mentioned above have just been legalized. “by providing such regulation to ease people accessing the social forestry, we hope more people proposing social forestry permit, so we can together create a forest for the sake of human being. “ Sri said.

She concedes that the social forestry issue in East Kalimantan had been stagnant for some time. All eight villages above had proposed their forest management right since 2011. Yet, more...


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