Forest Degradation Creates Prolonged Conflict

WARSI's Outlook made against the regime supported deforestation

This forest deforestation is comparable with the increased critical land and land use. “From the analysis of Lansat Satellite Imagery TM 8 conducted by WARSI, the degraded land or open land increased by 556%, while plantation is by 141% and Industrial Timber Plan increased by 381%,” said Sukri Sa’d, member of Board of Indonesian Conservation Community (KKI) WARSI in Jambi, (Friday, 21/7).

Sukri, accompanied by Diki Kurniawan, Executive Director of WARSI mentioned that significant degraded land has led to adverse impact on the community living in and around the forest. “Life in and around the forest is marginalized and the community’s access and involvement in forest management are very limited,” He said.

Furthermore, forest degradation and deforestation lead to ecological damage, and loose important germplasm and biodiversity. Moreover, they trigger the ecological disaster and climate change. Warsi records that there were 46 people died due to flood in 2010-2016, and 55 people died due to illegal mining in 2012-2016. “Forest degradation and deforestation also cause lack of food and clean water, this is felt most by community living in and around the forest whose condition is so poor”, He added.

Forest degradation and monoculture development belong to corporation adversely lead to social impact, such as land, social, and wildlife conflicts that seemed to have no ending. WARSI records that the land conflict has happened continually since late years. For instance, there were 23 cases happened in 2013, 14 cases happened in 2014, 25 cases occurred in 2015 and 8 cases happened in 2016. “Land conflicts involve big oil palm and Industrial Timber plantation, for instance, Sinar Mas Group, thru WKS, BKS, and KDA, Harum Group thru MAP, CHS, and SHM, Barito Group through LAJ , also Astra Group thru SAL,.” He said.

Moreover, such conditions also lead to social conflict among the community itself. Marginal Indigenous Group is one of the more...

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