Investigating the Clash on Orang Rimba in Mentawak


On Sunday morning (8/20/2017), Merangin District was in a chaos, the policies were sent to Mentawak Village, Nalo Tantan, Merangin District, Jambi Province to prevent the clash burst among Orang Rimba as it has started emerging since few last time. The conflict raised because of an allegation addressed to Bujang Keriting. He was blamed for rapping his mother till she died when he was still in five years old. The issue is supposedly issued by one of the women from Tumenggung Ngepas Group.

This issue spreads over and gets to Bujang Keriting which has turned into 35 years old nowadays. He clearly does not accept the accuse. He complained and conveyed it to other members (Orang Rimba) from Jang Group and three other groups. They mean to meet Tumenggung Ngepas to question that issue. In that meeting, members from Ngepas Group persisted that they never overspread that issue, they even stated that a fight is better than a false confession for them. Hence, The meeting ends unclearly.

Ngepas contacts other groups like Tumenggung Roni and Jamal Group just in case the conflict raised again. These groups are spread throughout Merangin to Dharmasraya District, West Sumatera Province. They want to rehash about that issue to meet the resolution over the conflict. Whilst, Jang Group, which knows the mobilization of other groups are getting mad. They go after these groups to Jon Group and the conflict raised in Mentawak. Weapons and stones between these groups could not stop and give a serious impact; two people are seriously injured.

To dampen the widespread of this issue, the security forces visit the crime scene and bring Orang Rimba to Civil Registration Office of Merangin District. By involving the Resort Police (Polres) and other relevant parties, the discussion tries to find a solution to prevent further conflict. The decision was finally made after long discussion among all groups, it inferred that a misunderstanding has triggered the conflict more...