105,000 ha of Social Forestry Allocated for Jambi


Director of Environment Partnership PSKL, Erna Rosdiana appreciates the activity progress of social forestry or Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) in Jambi Province. There has been 368,000 ha forest for the community in Jambi Province according to Indicative Map of Social Forestry Area (PIAPS) where 30% (105,000 ha) of total has been allocated for Jambi. This is impressive and is showing us a new improving trend of Community Based Forest Management (CBFM).

'We have a good position during this recent period (government) to facilitate and encourage social forestry for the sake of community’s welfare because the development of social forestry has not been partial anymore, but been integrated with other organizations.' Erna Rosdiana said when presenting Workshop and Training of Local Potential – Based Business Development for CBFM groups at Rumah Kito Hotel, Jambi City. (28/8).

According to her, this such condition is very delighted and we need to develop it so we have more social forestry by improving the human resources of Jambi Province. “I notice that Jambi has a progressive social forestry, and WARSI plays their role here. In social forestry context, we need to plant many so we can harvest later, therefore, we will have a sustainable forest. We do hope that through this social forestry, we will be a big country, and we can start from Jambi.” She added.

Local Potential Based Business Development.

After having the license over the social forestry or CBFM, we need to focus on how to improve the society’s welfare by keep considering the sustainablity. Through the managing agency of CBFM, the community should be able to utilize the area. The first step to do is establishing and setting up the management plan by referring to the available potency within the CBFM. This should concern with some aspects such as area, human resources, organization and business.

Moreover, the business aspect management is very necessary more...

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