19 Hotspots detected last week


Terra Agua Satellite of Nasa recorded 19 hotspots in Jambi Province from August 30th to September 4th 2017. The hotspots spreads over concessions of PT Wira Karya Sakti (four hotspots), PT Lestari Asri Jaya (two hotpsots), Samhutani (one hotspots), Arangan Hutan Lestari (two hotspots), over palm oil plantation of PT Teramitra Indo (two hotspots), Sawit Desa Makmur (one hotspot), Megasawindo Perkasa (one hotspot), and Agrowiyana (one hotspot). In addition, the hotspot is also detected on non-forest state managed by community.

According to Rudi Syaf, Manager of Communication of KKI WARSI, Jambi has been free from hotspots because Jambi has legally been sufficient to prevent land and forest fire. Local Regulation no. 2/2016 on Prevention and Controlling Land and Forest Fire, followed by the regulation of Governor of Jambi no. 31/2016 on Technical guide to implement the local regulation above has been very clear and detail to prevent land and forest fire, moreover, there are other regulations such as Law and Regulation of MoEF.

“There should be no hotspot in the local regulation, the companies managing the land are in charge to provide the equipments and personnel to extinguish fire. Whilst, the government is in charge to evaluate every company to get ready for fire prevention.” Rudi Said.

Moreover, it is commonly found a land clearing activity which often causes the fire on the field. “There should be an excavator provided for each region as amended by the governor’s regulation to prevent the land clearing and forest fire. However, this is not running well yet,” Rudi Said.

Therefore, WARSI recommends the government to soon prepare the excavator for each district for the community before they have land clearing. Meanwhile, the government should evaluate the companies soon where the hotspots have not found in yet.


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