Overlapping Areas Restrains Social Forestry


Basically, Pematang Rahim Village Forest Managing Group in Mendahara Ulu Subdistrict, Tanjung Jabung Timur, has been able to manage their village forest. However, about 1,185 ha proposed by the societies in Sungai Buluh Protected Peatland is not clear at the end process of village forest management right. Society of Pematang Rahim has proposed their Village Forest Management Right to MoEF since January, 24th, 2017. The MoEF responded positively. MoEF and Foresty Division of Jambi Province provide a team and conduct a technical verification to Pematang Rahim for June 6 – 8, 2017. Verification team has stated that all requests can be received becauseall the proposed area are in Indicative Map of Soial Forestry (PIAPS), and Village Forest Managing Organization as well as sociesties have met the criteria.

Based on the technical verification, Sub-Directorate of village forest preparation has submitted the decree of Pematang Rahim Draft to Directore General of Social Forestry and Environment Partnership (PSKL) after submitting it to Bureau of Legal Affairs of Secretariat of Directorate General of Social Forestry and Environment Partnership (PSKL), so they can check the decree and PSKL could sign it . At this point, matters start to raise. Apparently, the proposed working area is located in Indicative Map of New Permit Moratorium (PIPIB) revision XII published by MoEf on July 31st, 2017 following up President Instruction no. 6/2017 on PIPIB. Thus, Directorate General of Social Forestry and Environment Partnership (PSKL) does not want to sign the HPHD decree.

“we’ve seen there is an unclear communication within the MoEF team which emerges unclearity on its impelementation,” Adi Junedi, Deputy Directore of KKI – WARSI, in Jambi said.

He added that based on WARSI’s analysis in Jambi, There are about 25% of total PIAPS cancelled by PIPIB. There are total 1,060,224.06 Ha forests and peatland registered in PIPIB, whilst, 229,321.64 Ha of total is more...

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