Integrating CBFM Activities into RPJMDes


Community Based Forest Management (CBFM), recently known as Social Forestry (PS) is a management forest scheme conducted by societies, from them to themselves. While the society plays a major role, CBFM may be expected to be a conflict resolution, welfare improvement and forest conservation.

However, neither societies nor stakeholders have similar understanding on Social Foresty. Thus, Indonesian Conservation Community – WARSI conducted a national workshop, entitled Integrating Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) into Village Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJMDes) through budget allocation of village, in Rumah Kito Hotel, Jambi City, yesterday (14/11).

This national workshop presents an expert of General Directorate of Village Ministry PDTT/Working Group on Economic Empowerment, TORA Villages, M. Nur Udin and Deputy of Executive Director of KKI WARSI, Adi Junedi, as the interviewee.

“We do hope that this workshop could synergize any strength and understanding, on what Social Forestry is, and how to develop it for the sake of local villagers’ welfare.” said Rudi Syaf, Executive director of KKI WARSI, when presenting as a moderator in the discussion held during that event.

Meanwhile, Adi Junedi, Deputy of Director of KKI WARSI elaborates that Social Forestry is a sustainable management system of forest conservation derived in a national forest or Adat/Customary forest by Customary people, as the major actor. It aims to improve the welfare, environment balance and social-culture dynamic.

“Social Foresty could be a bridge to realize village independent around the forest,” Said Adi Junedi.

In addition, there are three provinces in Sumatera widely implementing CBFM scheme, such as West Sumatera, Jambi, and Bengkulu Provinces. Up to 2017, there are 204,000 ha CBFM scheme in West Sumatera, 108,930 ha in Jambi and 46,676 ha in Bengkulu Provinces, all of which has got legality.

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