CBFM: Nagari Forest


West Sumatera has run the Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) with Nagari Forest scheme since 2000. Basically, Nagari Forest is similar with Village Forest. West Sumatera has had 500,000 hectares road map target during five years. This is the largest community forest management in Indonesia. To obtain its target, West Sumatera creates a forest management policy prioritizing the community’s participation and benefit-sharing system, improving the local community’s responsibility, and securing the long-term forest conservation. This policy will lead West Sumatera to be a well-known province for its forest management based on their local wisdom.

One of the outputs obtained through this program is the community’s management right recognition. Through CBFM working group pioneered by West Sumatera Forestry and Warsi, the government of West Sumatera had identified more than 110 Nagari which are able to run its management right. This CBFM is one of the ways to give the community’s sovereignty back over their own resources.

Below are the lists of Nagari Forests in West Sumatera; they are:

Daftar Hutan Nagari di Kabupaten: Padang Pariaman

1. Hutan Nagari: Sungai Buluah, Batang Anai
[ 856/Menhut-II/2013 | 1,336 Ha ]

Daftar Hutan Nagari di Kabupaten: Sijunjuang

1. Hutan Nagari: Paru, Sijunjuang
[ 703/Menhut/II/2014 | 4,500 Ha ]

Daftar Hutan Nagari di Kabupaten: Solok

1. Hutan Nagari: Simanau, Tigo Lurah
[ 572/ Menhut-II/ 2011 | 1,088 Ha ]
2. Hutan Nagari: Sirukam, Payung Sekaki
[ 701/Menhut/II/2014 | 3,398 Ha ]
3. Hutan Nagari: Sungai Abu, Hiliran Gumanti
[ 702/Menhut/II/2014 | 6,787 Ha ]
4. Hutan Nagari: Sariak Alahan Tigo, Hiliran Gumanti
[ 703/Menhut/II/2014 | 4,300 Ha ]

Daftar Hutan Nagari di Kabupaten: Solok Selatan

1. Hutan Nagari: Simancung Nagari Alam Pauh Duo, Pauah Duo
[ 573/ Menhut-II/ 2011 | 650 Ha ]
2. Hutan Nagari: Pulakek Koto Baru, Sungai Pagu
[ 852/Menhut-II/2013 | 4,265 Ha ]
3. Hutan Nagari: Pakan Rabaa, Koto Parik Gadang Diateh
[ 853/Menhut-II/2013 | 4,260 Ha ]
4. Hutan Nagari: Pasir Talang Timur, Sungai Pagu
[ 854/menhut-II/2013 | 2,395 Ha ]
5. Hutan Nagari: Koto Baru, Sungai Pagu
[ 856/menhut-II/2013 | 1,145 Ha ]

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