CBFM: Village Forest


The regulation no. 41/1999 (article no. 5) on forestry has launched the term “Village Forest”, it is a national forest which is located in village area, and utilized by the villagers for the sake of their well-being. The Village Forest management involves the community living around the forest. Furthermore, the basic principle of village forest is as an access for the villages (especially Forest village) to the national forests in its territory as they worth such access to the natural resources existing around.

Since 2008, WARSI has been actively facilitating the Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) program with village forest scheme. The decree of the first village forest work management is given to the Lubuk Beringin Village in Bathin III Ulu, Bungo district. The recognizition on the Village Forest management has been developed by day; not only within the upland, but also lowland forest.

The following are lists of Village forests in Batanghari, Bungo, Merangin, and Tanjabtim district. They are:

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