../images/content_about_us.gif The Indonesian Conservation Society (KKI) Warsi was first established as a networking institution by name Warsi Foundation (Conservation Information Store) in January 1992. Its establishment was initiated by 20 NGOs From four provinces in southern Sumatra (South Sumatera, West Sumatera, Jambi, and Bengkulu) Care about the problem of conservation of natural resources and community development. At the beginning of the founding of KKI Warsi was a discussion forum to respond critically to policy Exploitative forest management without considering its sustainability.

As an alliance institution, KKI Warsi gathers a common strength in running programs in the field, By attempting to reflect on a continuous basis in view of internal and external conditions. At the beginning of standing KKI Warsi office in the city of Jambi. Furthermore, since April 1994, the office was moved To Bangko (the capital of Sarolangun Bangko Regency at that time). Bangko was chosen because it is located in the middle Four southern Sumatran provinces in addition to being close to the center of conservation issues, the Bukit Barisan area, Especially Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS), which until recently became the center of attention of many parties.

In July 2002 the Warsi Foundation was transformed into an association under the name Konsi Indonesia (KKI) Warsi Community. Warsi no longer stands for the Conservation Information Store but has become the institution's name. As of December 6, 2002, Warsi secretariat moved to Jambi City again. This move is intended to connect activities Conservation and community empowerment to the level of policy makers in Jambi Province and nationally, In addition to the proximity of the other parties who have been awake so far.

Structure Organisation of WARSI

I. Board Member
Amilda Sani: Chairman
Adam Azis: Vice chairman
Hambali: Secretary
Adi Prasetijo : Members
Edra Satmaidi : Members
Erdi Taufik: Members
Eva Melda L Tobing: Members

II. Supervisory Board
Zukri Saad.
Nur Kholis, SH. MA.
Hanifah Hanan.

III. Implementing Agency
Diki Kurniawan: Executive Director
Yulqari: Deputy Director