The vanilla beans displayed at the Partnerships for Forests Forum Partner Exhibition in London gained the attention of participants from all over the world. In a Forum initiated by Partnerships for Forests (P4F), an international organization that supports efforts to manage forest areas by involving all parties and establishing collaboration for sustainable natural resource management and engaging Warsi as one of their partners in Indonesia, bringing together delegates from all over the world to network to share insights and solutions in forests and land use spaces, and explore major exhibitions of innovative forest-friendly businesses and projects.

In the forum which will take place on May 12, 2023, Warsi’s booth presents NTFP products, forest security systems and  information about  collaboration that has been built for the protection and improvement of forest governance. The senior advisor of KKI Warsi, Mr. Rudi Syaf who  was present at the event location explained to the delegates who visited Warsi’s booth, about NTFP products including vanilla which is currently being developed in the Meranti Harapan and Bukit Tigapuluh landscapes  with P4F support.   NTFP  is  one of the approach tools in  improving forest governance, especially in overcoming forest conflicts, by providing opportunities for forest restoration through state-recognized schemes, while developing  commodities with high economic value and goodfor  the environment  managed by communities living in forest areas. Commodity development is carried out in conjunction with the approach market, in order to find a market for commodities cultivated by the community, so that there is a guarantee that these commodities are absorbed by the market.

In these two landscapes, Warsi collaborates with parties in encouraging integrated landscape management, as well as building  a green business sustainability model, protection, community empowernment.  This activity is carried out through a collaborative forum that is fully committed to carrying out forest restoration programs  and improving  forest governance in accordance with the function and designation of the area, as well as the protection and recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples in forest areas.

Vanilla is an NTFP product that is being developed in both landscapes is a  plant of  high economic value.  In order to live well, vanilla needs shade plants.  Currently, vanilla is a commodity developed in forest areas that have experienced degradation, and is currently in recovery efforts. The price of dried vanilla beans on the international market ranges from 80-150 USD per kg.  This fantastic value is a new hope in making forest resources successful and recovering well so that they will bring good economically, ecologically and socially.

As for forest security, through the guardian program, utilizing technology to monitor illegal activities within forest areas, was also featured in this forum. Guardian is a tool that is able to detect sounds and then send the information directly to a predetermined cellphone, so that area managers can immediately take action to deal with illegal activities in their area.  From the activities and activities carried out in these two landscapes, the collaboration and commitment of stakeholders in the landscape increasingly shows the seriousness and real commitment to ecology, society and the continuity of environmentally sound area management.