The Merangin Regency Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) will support 22 social forestry permits owned by communities in Merangin Regency. This was confirmed at the Integrated Planning Meeting in the Social Forestry Sector held by the Merangin Regency BAPPEDA on Tuesday (16/6). The work plan of each OPD that has been made, it is agreed that one of the implementation locations is in the villages or community groups that receive social forestry permits.

This meeting was also held as a follow-up to the commitment from the Merangin Regent in the Merangin Regent Regulation No. 2 of 2021 which included social forestry as one of the recipients of affirmation funds for the allocation of Merangin village funds.

Delivered through the Minutes of Agreement on the Integrated Planning Meeting in the Social Forestry Sector, the meeting was chaired by Expert Staff/ Acting Assistant III of the Merangin Regional Secretariat and attended by Bappeda, Village Community Empowerment Service (PMD), Public Works Office, Tourism, Youth and Sports Office (Parpora), Dinas Food Crops and Horticulture (TPH), Cooperatives, Micro Enterprises, Trade and Industry (DKUKMPP), Research and Development Agency, Fisheries Service, Livestock and Plantation Service, TPH Agriculture Service, Livestock and Plantation Service, Fisheries Service, Production Forest Management Unit (KPHP) ) Fighting Units IV, V and VI and KKI Warsi.

To realize the support of recipients of social forestry permits, all OPD present agreed that they would allocate programs and activities related to Social Forestry in the related OPD Work Plans (Renja) in the 2022 budget and formulate a follow-up work plan for Social Forestry in Merangin Regency technically in accordance with their respective duties and functions.

Andrie, the head of the Merangin District PMD Office, said that there are several programs that the PMD Office will run for people who have Social Forestry permits. “The PMD Service has included several activities that will be carried out in the area. Among them are strengthening institutions in villages receiving the Social Forestry Affirmation Fund, seeking to increase the budget for affirmation of social forestry, both from the regional and central budgets, as well as encouraging the development of Bumdes and collaborating with the Social Forestry Business Group (KUPS) in developing superior commodities in the villages where Social Forestry is located,” said Andrie

Andrie also added that this has also been included in the use of the affirmation funds contained in the Perbup Number 2, so it is mandatory to carry out.

Several other agencies will also include various programs for recipients of social forestry permits. These include the Department of Cooperatives, Micro Business, Trade and Industry (DKUKMPP), the Department of Livestock and Plantation, the Department of Food Crops and Horticulture, the Department of Public Works, the Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports, and the Department of Fisheries.

Ade Candra, KKI Warsi Program Coordinator, appreciated the activities carried out by the Merangin Regency government. “With the seriousness of the local government, we really hope that the social forestry permit that has been received by the community can provide welfare for the people living around the forest, especially those who have received the Social Forestry permit,” he concluded.