Program for Knowledge Management, Evaluation and Development of Resources

The program was only established at the end of 2017 following the enthusiasm for good and proper knowledge management, evaluation system and resource management. It has been well admitted that KKI WARSI has tremendous knowledge and resources but did not have the capacity to manage the knowledge and resources well and properly. The program aims at disseminating program and project lessons learnt and knowledge to various stakeholders for replication by the government, universities, NGOs, and local/indigenous people. Internally, this program aims at assessing the performance of program and projects and developing the human resources.

To achieve the program, the following activities have been developed:

a) Development of the systems and mechanisms for knowledge management, evaluation and resource development
b) Development of written and electronic learning from the field to be used as the reference by various stakeholders
c) Regular monitoring and evaluation on project implementation
d) Need assessment on human resource development as the basis for the development of institutional capacity building model
e) Establishment of a centre for sharing of knowledge for the purposes of relevant stakeholder in relation with KKI Warsi Vision and Missions
f) Evaluation of program and project performance

Activities conducted:

1. Development of management information system through HRIS
2. Publication of 61 books, modules, leaflets, brochures and pamphlets on Warsi activities


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