Vision and Mission

Vision : Conservation with Community Independently.


  1. Building economic capacity and developing the principles of conservation of local community.
  2. Create and develop equitable, participatory, open, lucrative, and sustainable strategies for managing natural resources.
  3. Encourage members and/or the community to actively participate in the role of advocacy policy locally, nationally, or globally.
  4. Provide space for KKI WARSI’s members to be involved in the political field that in line with the organization’s Vision and Mission.
  5. Enhancing institutional capability and establishing KKI Warsi’s independence.
  6. Establishing and developing information systems for community-based management of natural resources, knowledge management, and media awareness raising.


Motto  : Conservation with Community

Main Focus of Activities:

  1. Empowerment of Marginalised Indigenous People (Orang Rimba, Batin Sembilan, Talang Mamak, Dayak and Punan)
  2. Certainty concerning the rights and access of community to Natural Resource Management
  3. Advocacy on the preservation of the remaining forest
  4. Sustainable peatland management and prevention of forest and land fires.
  5. Mainstreaming of CBFM in climate change mitigation and adaptation
  6. Economic development of community living around forest areas


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Jl. Inu Kertapati No.12, Pematang Sulur
Telanaipura, Jambi City
Jambi Province, 36124

TELP 0741-66695,66678
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