The Program for Conservation and Marginalized Indigenous Tribe

The program aims at supporting marginalized indigenous tribes through the protection of their rights to natural resource management and access to development that is in harmony with the indigenous people’s self-identity. In achieving the objective, the program develops main activities as follows:

a). Advocacy of policy on availability of life space and livelihoods for Marginalized Indigenous Tribe that correlates with efforts for conservation/provision of natural resources and community empowerment.
b). Ecological, economic, and social empowerment of Marginalized Indigenous Tribes as part of community welfare improvement.
c). Facilitating activities related to education, health, agricultural cultivation, information and educational services (community radio and other media) as part of the efforts for the protection of Marginalized Indigenous Tribe’s rights to natural resources and access to development is in harmony with their self-identity.

  1. Protection and Empowerment of Orang Rimba and Talang Mamak indigenous people in Forest Areas and Company Concession Areas. Project activities are implemented in Jambi, Riau and South Sumatra provinces. 2018-2022
  2. Improvement of life quality of SAM communities by protecting their resource and facilitating health, education, and empowerment programs from the government. Project activities are implemented in Jambi, Riau and South Sumatra provinces. 2019-2020.
  1. Habitat and Resources Management for the Orang Rimba (1997 – December 2013)
  2. Protection of the Rights of Orang Rimba and Orang Batin Sembilan indigenous people to natural resources and development that is in harmony with their self-identity. 2013-2017

Project Achievements

    1. Successfully advocating for the gazettement of Bukit Dua Belas National Park (TNBD) specifically for the protection of sources of livelihood of Orang Rimba indigenous people in 2000
    2. Medicinal plants in the livelihood areas of the Orang Rimba in Bukit Dua Belas and Bukit Tigapuluh National Parks documented in 1998
    3. Alternative educational activities for the indigenous Orang Rimba have been conducted since 1998
    4. Successfully advocating for the provision of primary healthcare services for Orang Rimba indigenous people since 1998
    5. Mapping of marginalised indigenous tribes in Jambi province (Orang Rimba, Talang Mamak and Bathin Sembilan) was achieved in 1998, 2008
    6. Successfully advocating for participatory delineation of TNBD borders in 2009
    7. Becoming one of BPS’s partners in collection of demography data, especially data concerning community not included in the census blocks 2010
    8. Successfully advocating for institutional establishment of buffer villages in TNBD 2005
    9. Successfully facilitating partnership in conservation among community in villages of interaction within the TNBD
    10. Successfully advocating for the signing of MoU on Orang Rimba indigenous people’s free access to healthcare services in public hospitals in Jambi Province since 2007
    11. Successfully advocating for Orang Rimba indigenous children to go to formal school since 2006
    12. Successfully advocating for Orang Rimba to go to university in Jambi University 2013
    13. Successfully advocating for the admission of Orang Rimba to become active Indonesian military members 2017 and 2018
    14. Successfully advocating for the research by Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology on communicable diseases in Orang Rimba
    15. Successfully promoting simple farming practices to Bathin Sembilan and Orang Rimba indigenous people who have lost their forest


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